Monday, September 30, 2013

Good wine and new best time!!

Happy fall ya'll 
Autumn is definitely in the air and that means lots of races on the calendar!  I'm bouncing back from Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever, which must have been what almost stopped me at the Bernheim 7 miler.  I'm waiting on a second round of bloodwork and an appointment with the infectious diseases doc.  I'll report back on that later. 
     Meanwhile, I'm still walking/running and training.  Training now includes cycling!  The stationary bike was getting a little old, so I've stepped up the game by getting a bicycle! The old saying is true, "just like riding a bike", some things you just don't forget.  I'm going at it cautiously (my middle name) and religiously wearing my helmet.
There are lots of places to bike in our area!  Some are the same places I run!  How convenient!  My mom and myself have been researching some different areas to go biking and trail running and it looks like I'll be checking out the Tunnel Hill trail in Illinois soon!  
     While checking out Illinois natural areas, we found SO many wineries to visit, that we'll be able to make the most of each and every visit across the river!  We recently visited Owl Creek winery and and took in a concert at Rustle Hill Winery.  I have been wanting to see the bluegrass band, The Steeldrivers, in concert for years!  I was not disappointed!
     So from the good wine, to the best time, now I wanna brag...I beat my own personal best 5k time by 3 minutes this past Saturday at the United Way 5k!!  I am so pumped!  I worked really hard and now I'm seeing that hard work pay off!  
     I've got a couple of trail races this fall and a couple of 5ks.  A couple of races have been cancelled, sadly, but it just means I'm going to be focusing on longer distance runs.  I've already registered for the 2014 LBL 23k Trail run, with bettering my time from last year my only goal!  Happy Trails!