Monday, June 9, 2014

Finding the perfect balance

    I know most of my blog posts have been running or race related, so it seems like a good time to do a nutrition related post.  Both the dietary aspect and the fitness aspect of "being healthy" can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.  Two years ago this month, I joined a fitness program through work.  With the knowledge and guidance of professionals, I have been able to lose 75# and continue to slowly lose.  There have been so many pieces to the "puzzle" that it's difficult to choose just one thing that has had the biggest impact on losing weight.  
    One key "puzzle piece" has been using myfitnesspal to track calories in and calories expended.  This app makes counting calories easy and helps the user monitor the balance of fat/carbs/protein.  It's been my best and most favorite "tool" is reclaiming my health and fitness. I often give this example of how I use myfitnesspal in making decisions on what to eat; let's say I have 200 calories left for the day.  Instead of choosing a food randomly, I look at my fat/carb/protein ratio and see which food choice is needed for proper nutrition, fuel, and/or maintenance.  If there is still room for a choice, I look to my needs in relation to the days activity or the next day's fuel needs.  If I've had a vigorous workout or long run, I'll choose to fill the gap with protein.  If I have a long run or race planned for the next day, I'll choose to "carb up".  Rarely do I get to actually choose a fatty food.  I never fail to meet my fat quota for the day, haha, but it IS important to make sure you choose GOOD fats in your daily food choices. 
(This is an actual picture from my own myfitnesspal.  One of those rare days where I had the perfect balance!)
     I hope this little tidbit of information helps inspire my readers to make a commitment to their health.  Everyone's journey is different but each step you make towards better health is leading to a better you!