Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rest and relaxation

     It was hard for me to grasp the concept that rest days were not only important, but CRUCIAL in regaining fitness and losing weight.  Hitting a plateau AND having an overwhelming case of fatigue, worse than the average fibromyalgia spell, led me to reevaluate my fitness plan. 
     I started my "reboot" at the chiropractor.  I firmly believe routine chiropractic care is crucial to fibromyalgia maintenance and overall health and wellness.  From a wise friend, "remember to honor your rest days." So, now I take one every week and maybe two if I have a longer run than usual or a race longer than a 5k.  I'm serious about these rest days.  I try to keep stress levels at a minimum, maintain my water intake as if it were an exercise day and I strive for the best nutrition possibly, all to give time and nutrients a chance to heal/repair/build muscles and other cells used to increase my fitness level.
     So, does this mean you do nothing while, say, on vacation?  Rest and relaxation can come in many forms. Maintaining a routine can be comforting in and of itself.  Don't forego your exercise routine while on vacation.  You might just find a new activity you love!
     Or renew a friendship with an activity you haven't done in a while....
     Maybe doing what you always do, but in a new place, will give you a new outlook on that routine activity!