Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Running Friends

     I wasn't sure which direction I wanted my next blog post to go, so I browsed my pictures to get a little inspiration and one theme immediately became apparent: fun with friends and family!  I want this blog to focus on ways to be and feel healthy but also have some fun, which IS healthy!!
     One of the most fun things about living a healthier lifestyle is making new friends, finding something in common with old friends, or participating in healthy activities with family and friends!  Any of the above can inspire and encourage someone to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  It may not even be someone you know but they may be motivated to try a new food or exercise that can be the key, leading them to better health.  What a gift that would be! 
     So here is a shout out to all my running friends for inspiring me, and others, and having fun while doing it! 
Me and Crystal Stangle and the Sole Challenge, Arrowhead Lake, Johnston City IL 5k/10k.  Crystal and I met during the Fly With the Eagles half marathon.  We got the job done in 15 degree temps!
Melissa Crump, Arrowhead Lake Sole Challenge.  Melissa is doing the St. Jude's half marathon in December!
Thank you to Jennifer Gratz for taking my picture at the United Way 5k!  This year was Jason Gratz's first United Way 5k. 
Me and nephew, Zach Toon at the Camp Ondessonk Heepwah 5k. Love running trails!
My mom, Bonnie Hicks, is my main crew member.  I couldn't do the trail running and races I do without her!  This pic was taken on the Tunnel Hill state trail during practice for the Tunnel Hill 10 miler.
Here I am finishing the Tunnel Hill 10 miler!  I met Susan Skipworth during the race and this is her finishing just ahead of me, in the yellow jacket.  With her encouragement, I finished 15 minutes faster than I anticipated!  Thank you Susan!
This is me and my lovely co-worker, Angie Carder, after finishing the 2014 Iron Mom half marathon as a two-woman relay team.  We've also done the Talon Falls foam run and plan for her daughter and my nephew to do the foam run with us next year!
Here are me and Tammi Terry after our adventure into night time trail running at the Klaus Park trail series.  We still have the Meandering Turkey to complete, but at least it will be in daylight!
Here is Mr. 21, Hoops for Life, Shannon Aldridge, tackling the inaugural Tunnel Hill 50 miler!!  He and his wife encourage and inspire runners of all abilities!  
This ^ pic and the next, represent the wonderful people I've met in the online running communities.  Sonya Lapierre sent me the above pic!  She encourages folks on Facebook everyday to get moving and stay DETERMINED!
I'm currently enjoying an online challenge with my latest team, "Where's The Finish!?"  All the teams in these challenges have been supportive of one another, regardless of ones abilities.  You don't have to be an elite ultra runner to support and encourage one another to greater achievements!  Thanks, Captain Lisa Beale Cavanaugh and all my teammates!  We have a good time and make each other laugh and that's what it's all about!