Monday, May 12, 2014

Bad Ass Derby Day!

     What happens on Derby Day?  Racing, right?  So bright and early, me and mom headed to Ozark, IL.  Oh, wait, the Kentucky Derby isn't in Illinois.  The Bad Ass Trail Dash is though!!  This is the second time I've travelled to this beautiful property for one heck of a trail race.  2013 was my first experience with this race.  I had only been doing 5k races for six months when I first entered this race.  I had just completed the LBL 23k and thought "this 5k will be a piece of cake."  Boy, was I wrong!  We had two knee deep creek crossings and downed trees as our obstacles.  We had three hills that were so steep, I practically had to slide down on my behind!  Below is a pic from before the race.  It was March and still pretty chilly.  It was super tough and I was just glad to finish!
     Now to Derby Day 2014!  The Bad Ass Trail Dash had a "mystery distance" this year.  Somewhere between 3-5 miles.  The race this year was MUCH tougher than last year!  Crazy ups and downs, smaller creek crossings,steep ass hills, all leading up to the grand finale...drum roll...mega cold water crossing! 

Thank you to Lindsay's son who took my picture AND delivered my phone to me at the finish line. Thank you to mom, Shannon, and Crystal.  You guys make craziness like this fun!  Check out their Facebook page for upcoming race dates!

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