Sunday, July 14, 2013

Upping the exercise ante

     Sorry it's been a few weeks since the last blog post.  We've been on vacation and my free time continues to be used mostly by exercising!  I knew time was going to be my enemy when I started on this fitness journey last year!  Even vacation wasn't a break from daily physical activity, but I didn't count calories on vacation this year.  It was the first time in a FULL year that I did not count calories. 
     My favorite part of exercising on vacation was walking and running on the beach!  I decided I would walk/run to the Cherry Grove Pier, north of our condo this year.  The online info said it was 3 miles, but I now know that's by the road!!  When you follow the curve of the beach, it's 4 miles, so I got in 8 miles on that day alone!!  Here was my reward at the halfway point...
      Since being home from vacation, I've been able to get back on the trails at LBL, TWICE!  I love trail running, especially on wooded single tracks.  Who would have thought at my age, that I would want to go run through the woods, but it's really my favorite way to exercise.  I know it's cardio, but if the trail is technical, you'll get a muscle workout, too!  I've been posting pictures on instagram with the hashtags #countryfitness #singletrackcollection #landbetweenthelakes and #canalloop, so check me out on instagram, too!  Zach even had his first trail run fall yesterday.  Don't worry, he's fine, not a scratch!  They say a fall when trail running is a matter of WHEN, not IF.  I don't look forward to that at my age, haha.  I am very, very,  cautious when running.  I think it's because of my partial foot amputation, but I have always been cautious with my physical activity. 
     Today, I tried something new, a "mini" triathalon!  I walked/ran 30 minutes, did stationary bike for 30 minutes, and swam for 26 minutes.  I spread them out through the day, but one day I will put them all together, back to back to back!
     This coming Friday, July 19th, is the "Run for Babies" on the eve of the St. Charles Picnic.  I have to work, so I'm not sure if I will do the 5k or not, I will have to wait and see.  I am signed up for the Fancy Farm Picnic 5k.  Zach is going to do it with me!  He's been doing a great job and has great running form, especially for trail running.  Other races coming up for me are, possibly the Bernheim Forest 7 Miler, the McCracken County United Way 5k, and the fall Badass Trail Dash and Camp Ondesonk Mocassin Gap 10 miler, both in Ozark, Illinois.  I am still waiting on information for the fall 2013 Battle for the Bluff 5k and Pearl of the Purchase 5k/Half Marathon, and eagerly anticipate the opening registration of next year's Canal Loop trail run!


      As promised, here is further info on chia seeds.  I have not tried the gel yet, but it sounds like an effective way of using chia seeds.  I continue to put them in my oatmeal and yogurt!  The following information is from "eating with purpose" website.

Chia gel is whole chia seeds soaked in a liquid, usually purified water. Chia gel is even more easily digested and absorbed by the body than just eating dry chia seeds. It helps the body to capitalize on chia’s amazingly balanced ratios of macronutrients and creates a rapid transport of nutrients to the tissues for use by the cells.
Making chia gel is a snap! Put 1/3 cups of chia seeds in 1 ½ – 2 cups of water or liquid (slightly warm will gel quicker) into a container with tight fitting lid, l use a wide-mouth mason jar. Stir to incorporate the seeds into the liquid. Let it sit for a minute and stir again. Let the liquid thicken for about 10 minutes or overnight. Chia gel will store in the refrigerator for over 2 weeks.
Experiment with using more or less liquid, depending on your preference, or the consistency of the food item to which you’re adding it. Add chia gel to sauces, drinks, smoothies, yogurt, salad dressings, cream cheese, salsa, creamy buckwheat, amaranth, dips, soups, baked goods or whatever your imagination can come up with! For every 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, you get 9 tablespoons of chia gel, so chia seeds are cost effective too! A little goes a long way, and you only need a tablespoon or two a day to get the benefits!

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